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Solar water pump
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SOLAR / dsl PUMP without Tax Benefit fuel price*hrs /day Sr Model Motor .HP 3phase Invt PV + Pump + O&M 1K/Y-10YR/20 wtb Fuel / Litre/hr Work /Hrs/ Day = Solar Hrs Fuel /Ltrs/ Day 0 Dsl Cost /Month o&m cost /month Bep in Months; solar cost/fuel Total Monthly Oprtng. Cost till BEP 20 yrs SOLAR oprtng+ capital paid up SAVINGS BY SOLAR; dsl-solar SAVINGS /income BY SOLAR after bep in Month Total Monthly Oprtng. Cost lifetime SAVINGS BY SOLAR after bep in Rs. Dsl*mnths 1 3 285000 0 10 0 0 0 83 22 1746 341801 3088199 278 237 3577500 2 5 487000 0 10 0 0 0 83 29 2924 588382 4001618 271 422 4613000 3 7.5 725000 0 10 0 0 0 83 29 4313 866432 5873568 271 589 6850000 4 10 939280 0 10 0 0 0 83 34 5562 1144905 6359095 266 857 7378220 5


We provide Solutions to existing AC submersible pumps starting range single phase from 1 HP to 3 HP and 3 Phase 3 HP to 25 HP , Innovative and efficient water pumping system which helps for Agriculture rural drinking water and remote village watering.

3.1  Single pump system optimization

Stand-alone system is with only one pump and corresponding array and pump controller.This optimization system is to meet head and flow requirements, to minimize the use of solar components, adjust the pump speed according to sunlight intensity changes. If radiation reaches its peak, the pumpwill work at rated speed, the output power close to the solar array's maximum power. Ifradiation is comparatively adequate, pump will work in the MPPT way below the rated speed; when the pump speed is zero, the system stops working (see below). Therefore, the system configuration is different from the traditional constant operation mode.


We are able to and it is necessary tooptimize the system, based on the head and flow requirements, local radiation conditions.


3.2 Optimized design steps

Step 1: Determine the best average day working time and pump speed range.

Step 2: Select the best head and the rated power of the pump.

Step 3: Determine the maximum power of solar modules, the best operating voltage and wiring.


3.3Multi-pump system optimization

The multi-pump system===========> is a system with multiple pumps, and those pumps can be driven by a single high-power inverter, or many matching power inverters. Multi-pump system will work more flexibly, if lager flowrequired. Under solar array and the pump switch control, ifradiation reaches its peak, the pumps will work at rated speed, the output power will be close to the solar array's maximum power. Ifradiation is insufficient, the system will shut down some of the pumps, but PV array will supply power to the other pumps. Based on the single-pump system optimization,pump speed range can be further optimized, so that the pumps are always in the efficient operation.